Luxe Festival Wear was born in London out of the need to innovate.

2020 saw the world change in ways we have never before experienced, and we know that we need to adapt. Luxe Festival Wear started out with just 1 item: luxury rhinestone face masks. We wanted to provide a solution for women to look both glamorous as well as be protected when they stepped out. We optimistically called our store Luxe Festival Wear because we thought that festivals would be back in 2020 and you'd all be out wearing our masks - oops!
Our newest flagship product is our Lash-chivious Magnetic Eyelashes. We spent months developing these for you and are so excited for them! One thing 2020 showed us is that self care is more important than ever and we wanted to provide a way for women to experience easy every day glam, from the lashes themselves through to the packaging which we designed with you in mind and having a bit of every day luxury.


LFW products have been sourced and designed with our ideal customer in mind.
She is stylish, she is fashionable, she's a bit bouji.
And while being all those things she also cares about her health, and about other people's. 
But why should she have to look bad while she does it?
We are huge fans of avant-garde festival fashion like the incredible costumes you see at Burning Man. That luxury combined with creativity and the need to protect their faces from dust storms in the desert gave us the idea.
We have plenty more products lined up for when parties start again.


We don't believe in disposable fashion. We wanted to create something that lasts, and that can continue being both protective and stylish. We hold ourselves to high ethical standards and commit to having an entirely vegan product range which is packaged with minimal plastic.
So our face masks have features that we haven't seen on any other face coverings. We wanted to create a piece that you love, and at the same time is stylish and practical.
All orders are shipped in sustainable eco packaging.


We wanted to create a fun and luxurious magnetic eyelashes range that is high quality yet price competitive with other offerings on the UK market. We named our flagship 5 lash styles after iconic 90's supermodels because we want you to feel glamorous when you wear them!
We love magnetic lashes because we think they are the easiest false lashes you will ever use, and they won't irritate your eyes like glue or lash extensions. They are so quick to put on and no need to leave the house to visit a lash tech.
We hope you love our signature rose gold packaging as much as we do and we hope to brig you many more lash styles in 2021!


All Luxe Festival masks come with:
  • Over 300 rhinestones decorating every mask, and some spares in the bag.
  • Black 100% cotton interior fabric - that's the part that touches your face. Low allergenic and breathable. So when you wear makeup it won't stain on the black fabric.
  • All black with adjustable ear loops to fit you better. We recommend wearing the masks as tightly as possible covering your nose and mouth for better protection against particles.
  • Wider than average to provide more coverage. We weren't happy with the standard width that was being made, so we specially designed a larger mask which covers more of the face.
  • Machine washable on COLD - although we do recommend, if you have time, to hand wash them so the crystals last longer. Using very hot water will loosen the rhinestones so your mask won't last as long.
  • Replaceable PM 2.5 filter paper in a secret pouch, and a free spare filter paper with every mask purchased. You can also buy 10 packs of replacement filters in our store.
  • What is PM 2.5 ? This refers to the size of the particles (Particulate Matter) let through: nothing bigger than 2.5 microns, which is . The PM 2.5 Filter paper has 5 layers including one activated carbon filter layer. A micron is a unit of measurement on a microscopic scale with one inch equal to 25,000 microns. For size reference - a dust particle is 10 microns across in size.
Your protection is our biggest concern. It is pointless wearing a mask if you don't have enough layers of protection for particles to not get through.
When worn correctly our masks keep out 95% of particles from your airways.

We hope you love our luxury rhinestone face coverings as much as we do.