What Type of Mask Is Most Effective Against Virus Transmission?

With so many masks on the market these days, before we made ours here at Luxe we really wanted to get to the bottom of what works and what doesn't work to prevent virus transmission. After all, isn't that the whole point? (Unless you are like our model Bianca who likes wearing them to raves ;)
It's all about the tiny size of virus particles and how well the masks fit, these two factors combine to give you the % protection against virus transmission.
Let's take a look at this photo for explanation:
most effective mask against coronavirus transmission uk
As you can see, the masks in the top row provide the highest protection against virus particles. Why is that?
Well, the N95 and surgical masks have a close fit to the face covering your nose and mouth snugly, AND they are made of materials which filter out over 95% of airborne particles. That's why surgeons use them!
As you can see in the bottom row, cloth masks and sponge masks which are so common these days provide little to no protection against viruses. At most they will stop you coughing on someone else but they won't stop you breathing in airborne viruses.
Here's another diagram:
What is the most effective mask against coronavirus transmission uk buy masks online
Again you can see surgical masks at the top of the list! That's why surgeons wear them obv! But you don't want to go around looking like a surgeon every day do you? Also all those disposable masks are wreaking havoc on the environment, you need a mask which is safe, reusable and sustainable. AND which looks amazing!
The Luxe Rhinestone Mask PM 2.5 Filter filters out 99.5% of particles up to 2.5 microns in size. That's tiny:
What is the most effective fashion mask against covid-19 coronavirus uk buy beautiful masks online uk
That's why we developed Luxe Masks. The replaceable PM 2.5 filter paper means you can stay safe by machine washing your mask and replacing the filter paper. They also fit snugly over your face and have adjustable ear loops so you can get your perfect fit. Placing our filter effectiveness rate at 99.5%, up near surgical masks.
Not to mention you'll look like an absolute boss babe in your sparkly rhinestone mask. It also comes in a resealable bag so you can pop it in your handbag when you take it off and it stays clean.
The only way to be 100% safe against coronavirus is to stay home. But we all want to get back to life, don't we?

What are you waiting for? Get your mask now, Glamourpuss ;)

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