Lash FAQ's

Lash-chivious Magnetic Lashes & Eyeliner Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions

1. I'm not a makeup artist and don't know how to put on false eyelashes, will I be able to do this?

Yes! Magnetic eyelashes and liner are the easiest to use lash products on the market and suitable for anyone with no experience. If you can put on eyeliner then you can put on magnetic lashes!

After applying our Lash-chivious Magnetic eyeliner and it has dried, you simply hold the lashes up to your eye-line and they will automatically attach to the liner. You can just use your fingers for this, or if you have a lot of makeup on (or long nails!) and don't want to mess it up you can use our rose gold eyelash applicator which comes as part of our lash bundles.

We also include a full step-by-step instruction guide with our lashes for first timers!


2. Are magnetic lashes and magnetic liner easy to take off?

Yes, unlike lashes with glue you can easily peel off the lashes with your fingers and they will not harm your own lashes. 

Magnetic eyeliner can be easily removed with an oil based cleanser and cotton pad.


3. How long do magnetic eyelashes and magnetic eyeliner stay on for?

When properly applied you should be able to leave your magnetic eyelashes on for up to 24 hours. Our founder accidentally fell asleep in hers once and they were still on and perfect in the morning (we don't recommend this but it happens!)


4. How long will my Magnetic Eyelashes & Magnetic Eyeliner last for?

With proper care and storage you can use your Lash-chivious Magnetic Eyelashes  30+ times & Magnetic Eyeliner 60 times.

So for each 1 bottle of eyeliner you should be able to use this on 2 pairs of our magnetic lashes (unless you are a big fan of the Amy Winehouse eyeliner look in which case you use a lot more!)

Proper care and storage involves:

  • Cleaning your magnetic lashes with a cotton tip and water based cleanser only, no oil based cleansers on the lashes
  • Storing your lashes each time in its' magnetic tray
  • Not using mascara on top of your magnetic eyelashes (you can do this stage before if you want to wear your magnetic lashes with mascara)


5. Are magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner safe to use?

Yes! The magnets are tiny and don't pose any risk whatsoever to your body, they have been extensively safety tested and approved for use in the UK, EU and USA. 


6. Are magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner safe to use with contact lenses?

Yes, this has been tested and there is no effect on contact lenses.


7. I don't have any natural eyelashes due to alopecia or chemotherapy, can I still use magnetic eyelashes?

Yes absolutely, you don't need to have your own eyelashes for Lash-chivious magnetic lashes to adhere to, making them the perfect solution for women without their own eyelashes.


8. Can I still use mascara with Magnetic eyelashes?

Although you don't have to you absolutely can! However do put your mascara on before applying your Lash-chivious magnetic lashes to prolong the wear of your lashes and not damage them.


9. Are Lash-chivious Magnetic Lashes waterproof?

Our magnetic lashes are water resistant and can be kept on during workouts and in the rain without the eyeliner smudging. We don't guarantee them for showering or swimming however.


10. Can I trim my Magnetic Eyelashes?

Yes, if they are too long for your eye you can trim them with scissors. We recommend holding the lash against your eye beforehand to check if the length is correct for you, and if you want to trim them please cut as close as possible to the outer of the last magnet to avoid the lash ends lifting when you wear them.


Returns & Exchanges

1. Do you do returns?

Due to hygiene reasons we can only accept returns in specific circumstances, please email us hello@luxefestvalwear.com if you have any issues.

2. I bought the wrong lash style I'd like to exchange it for a different one please

Please contact us in the first instance, and please note that for exchanges the customer must pay for the postage costs, and exchanges will only be issued if the lashes and packaging are received back in brand new perfect and unused condition.

3. I'm buying a gift for someone and not sure if they will like it, can they return it?

In this case we recommend buying one of our Gift Cards so they can choose it themselves.

Otherwise the same returns policy as above applies.



Ethical Questions

1. Are your magnetic lashes and magnetic eyeliner products suitable for vegans?

Yes! We do not use any animal products in our eyelashes or liner products unlike a lot of companies that use real mink fur or silk. Our lashes are made from a synthetic silk. We will never sell any animal based products on our website, the entire site is vegan.

2. Are your magnetic lashes and magnetic eyeliner products cruelty free?

Yes, we work with suppliers that do not test on animals.

3. How environmentally friendly is your packaging?

Lash-chivious (and Luxe Festival Wear as a brand) is dedicated to reducing plastic packaging and waste to the absolute bare minimum. In our commitment to this we offer:

  • Cardboard lash boxes, liner boxes and applicator boxes
  • Recycled Eco Cardboard mailer boxes and bags - we do not use any plastic products for posting your purchase to you
  • The only plastic part of our lash products is the small tray inside the box which your lashes come in (which is recyclable), and the eyeliner bottle itself which is also recyclable



Brand Questions

1. Who are Lash-chivious?

Lash-chivious is the first beauty brand launched by Luxe Festival Wear. 

We started our business during the first lockdown in 2020. Being avid festival lovers we have always dreamt of having a festival clothing store online but 2020 didn't quite turn out how we expected! So we want to bring you affordably luxurious products that we know we would want to use now AND when festivals and parties come back. We started with luxury rhinestone masks and now bringing you luxury lashes! 

We are a small independent business founded in South London and every purchase means the world to us and is packed with love.


2. How on earth do you say Lash-chivious?!

Haha! It is like "mischievous" but for lashes. Pronounce it "lash-chee-vee-us".


3. What are your lash names about - Kate, Claudia, Cindy, Linda, Naomi?

We have named our lashes after the iconic 90's supermodels, Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, and Naomi Campbell. They are the original glamourpusses and we wanted to embody them in our lash range.

We tried to match each lash style to the look and vibe of the supermodel it is named after. 


4. I have another question that isn't answered here, help!

Awesome, please email us at hello@luxefestivalwear.com