How To Apply

Lash-chivious Magnetic Eyelashes Are Super Easy To Apply!

Follow our simple step by step guide and get ready for the best lashes of your life.



Step 1: Prepare

Ensure your eyelid is free of oil. Magnetic liner must be used on dry eyelids or over powder eyeshadow for best results.

If needed, trim your Lash-chivious lashes from the outer end to fit your eye size. If trimming, cut as close to the last magnet as possible to avoid the lashes lifting at the edges.

 If you wish to apply mascara do this before applying your lashes.


Step 2: Apply Magnetic Eyeliner

Shake your Lash-chivious Magnetic Liner bottle and wipe excess liner from the brush.

Sweep a line of Magnetic Eyeliner close to your lashline and allow it to dry completely for 2-3 minutes.

Before adding lashes gently pat your lashline with a finger to check that the eyeliner has dried properly.


Step 3: Apply Magnetic Eyelashes

Apply your Lash-chivious lashes using fingers or applicator starting from the outer corner of your eye and keeping the lash as close as possible to your lashline.

Press down gently along the lashline and you should feel the magnets attach onto the eyeliner. Press and hold each magnet for a few seconds to secure the lashes in place, especially at the inner and outer corners.


Step 4: Removing Magnetic Eyelashes

To remove your lashes start at the outer corner of the lash and lift gently all the way until the inner corner of the eye.

Wipe the magnets with a wet cotton tip and store in your Lash-chivious diamond box.

Cleanse magnetic liner from your eyelid with an oil based cleanser. Do not use oil on your Lash-chivious lashes as this will de-sensitise the magnets.