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5 Reasons Why Magnetic Lashes Are The Future Of False Eyelashes

Hello and thanks for reading! If you are new to Magnetic Lashes or anywhere on your false lash journey, check out our article about the top 5 reasons we believe Magnetic Lashes Are The Future Of False Eyelashes! 2020 saw a boom in sales of false eyelashes - with everyone stuck at home and unable to visit their lash technician, google searches for false lashes went up by 250% in the UK alone! But there's the problem of difficulty of false lash application - so many women struggle with traditional lash glue. Take it from me, I'm a professional dancer of 20 years who has had to apply false eyelashes every week over that time period. I probably just started to...

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What Type of Mask Is Most Effective Against Virus Transmission?

With so many masks on the market these days, before we made ours here at Luxe we really wanted to get to the bottom of what works and what doesn't work to prevent virus transmission. After all, isn't that the whole point? (Unless you are like our model Bianca who likes wearing them to raves ;) It's all about the tiny size of virus particles and how well the masks fit, these two factors combine to give you the % protection against virus transmission.

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Mask Wearing in England Shops Compulsory from 24th July

It's official - masks are in. And the most responsible thing we can do. The UK government has announced yesterday that from 24th July it will be compulsory to wear a face mask when you go into shops.  Did you know that in Japan they never had to have a lockdown and their economy has not suffered, while unemployment remains at only 2% after the pandemic?

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