5 Reasons Why Magnetic Lashes Are The Future Of False Eyelashes

Hello and thanks for reading! If you are new to Magnetic Lashes or anywhere on your false lash journey, check out our article about the top 5 reasons we believe Magnetic Lashes Are The Future Of False Eyelashes!

2020 saw a boom in sales of false eyelashes - with everyone stuck at home and unable to visit their lash technician, google searches for false lashes went up by 250% in the UK alone!

But there's the problem of difficulty of false lash application - so many women struggle with traditional lash glue. Take it from me, I'm a professional dancer of 20 years who has had to apply false eyelashes every week over that time period. I probably just started to get it right the last 2 years! So I know exactly how difficult it is for beginners.

That's why I started researching the market for an easier way to apply false lashes, and that's how Lash-chivious! was born.

So let's get into it: 5 Reasons Why Magnetic Lashes Are The Future Of False Eyelashes

What are the easiest false eyelashes to use uk

1. No Lash Glue Required

The first time I tried Magnetic Lashes I couldn't believe it - no waiting around for glue to dry or placing the lash in the wrong place.

Because magnetic lashes attach directly onto the magnetic eyeliner, there is no guesswork in where to place the lash, and no messy glue. I can't tell you how many times I've glued my eyes together trying to put false eyelashes on! Well no more.

2. So Easy To Use!

When we tried magnetic lashes for the first time we genuinely couldn't believe how easy they were to apply! You don't need to be a makeup artist, lash expert or have any co-ordination. 

Our beautifully pigmented Magnetic Liquid Liner helps in very easily drawing a straight line across your eye, then the magnets on the lash just attach themselves!

And yes, if you don't get it right the first time you can move the lash into the right place before it sets.

3. Value For Money

There's another reason Magnetic Lashes are the future - they are incredible value for money! At first glance you may look at the price of 1 pair of lashes or lash kit and think it's off-putting. But that wouldn't be taking into account that you can re-use them 30+ times! With regular falsies and lash glue, even with the best quality lashes the remnants of glue on the lash mean you only end up getting 5-10 wears out of them, if that. (Personally after 5 uses I find there is so much glue build up on the lashes I need to throw them out.)

Our Magnetic Liquid Liner lasts for 60 applications and our lashes for 30+ applications with proper care, meaning 1 lash kit lasts for over a month if you are wearing your lashes all day every day! Then you can get a second pair of lashes to use the liner for another month.

4. Kinder To Your Eyes Than Glue

One busy month when I was wearing traditional false lashes every day, I noticed that my own eyelashes were getting pulled out every time I removed them. Also, my eyes were left red and irritated from the glue. By the end of that month I had half my own lashes left and my eyes were constantly swollen.

As Lash-chivious! Magnetic Lashes are glue free, none of your own lashes get pulled out when removing them, and the liner is easily removed with an oil cleanser. Say goodbye to having lash glue stuck on your eyes for days!

5. Kinder to The Environment

As well as lasting you longer meaning you have to buy less, here at Lash-chivious we have done everything possible to reduce plastic waste. Our packaging is made of recycled cardboard wherever possible and we only use cardboard mailing boxes (no bubble mailers!).

We are also against the use of animal fur for lashes - did you know that mink lashes are made from mink fur? We believe no animal should be killed for beauty, which is why all of our lashes and products in our store are 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free.


So there you have it, the 5 reasons why we believe Magnetic Lashes are the future of false lashes! 

Check out our Magnetic Lash Starter Kits and get started on your magnetic lash journey today.

Not sure which one to choose? Check out our Magnetic Lashes Style Guide for help!

xx LFW Team

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